Want to live and learn on organic farms worldwide? Want to share your life with other like-minded people?

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange, thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community.

As a volunteer (or WWOOFer as we call them) you will live alongside your host helping with daily tasks and experiencing life as a farmer.

As a host farm you will open your home to receive visitors from your own country or abroad who want to connect with the land and support the organic movement.

Want to live and learn on organic farms worldwide?

You are A WWOOFer – to join WWOOF…

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Join the right

WWOOF group for you

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Travel and enjoy


Want to share a piece of your sustainable life and much more?

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* If there is no WWOOF organisation in your country, join WWOOF Independents


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WWOOF specialises in linking people who are passionate about healthy food, healthy living and a healthy planet. Join us, show your support for the organic movement and start learning (or sharing) ways of living a more sustainable life. As a member you will be plugged into an international network of like-minded people, with staff on the ground in 60+ countries ready to offer local advice and support.
WWOOF is a cultural exchange. We have lists of organic growers and farmers who need help in many countries – and people who are willing to offer it in return for food, accommodation and the opportunity to learn about a different way of life.
WWOOF is organised by country; so first you need to decide where in the world you want to go! UK, Nigeria, Chile, India or somewhere else? Use our search facility to find the right national WWOOF group for your preferred destination. Then - sign up as a volunteer – it's very quick and easy. Afterwards you can start contacting hosts to arrange your visit. If you want to visit more than one country you will need to sign up as a volunteer in each country you plan to visit. There is no international membership.
WWOOF is organised by country. You need to join WWOOF in the country where your farm, smallholding or garden is situated. Use our search facility to find the right national WWOOF group website for you. Then – apply to become a host. Some groups may arrange to visit you or call you to talk through the information you have provided before making it live on their site.
You can WWOOF in more than 120 countries world wide; its quite possible there are hosts in your own country! Why not try it on your home ground first? Then – if you like it you can explore more widely.
WWOOF Independents lists hosts in countries where, as yet there is no national WWOOF group. If you are a potential host and cannot find a WWOOF group in your country you should join WWOOF Independents. Membership for hosts is free. If you are a potential WWOOFer and cannot find hosts in the country you want to visit – check out WWOOF Independents. We don't have hosts in every country in the world – but we're getting close! Membership is £15.00 for one year. WWOOF Independents is operated by the Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO).
WWOOF started in the UK in 1971 – before the internet even existed! Our founder, Sue Coppard, was happy for the idea to spread and for people to take it back to their own countries and set up their own national WWOOF groups. As result we have a network of (mainly not for profit) national WWOOF groups around the world, offering a friendly local service. We are considering ways in which we might offer regional memberships – but for now you will have to join WWOOF in each of the countries you want to visit.
The minimum age for volunteering in most countries is 18. Generally speaking you must be this age to register for a profile, though there are some national variations on this. Children accompanied by their parents or official guardian may be accepted by some hosts.
Each WWOOF trip is unique. It is therefore difficult to provide a precise figure. Please ensure you budget for the following: subscription fee to WWOOF in the country or countries you are visiting (this can be anything between 0 - US$72 / 0 - 56 Euro), all travel expenses - including, travel to WWOOF country and travel to/from between host farms, accommodation en route, insurance, toiletries/medicines, mobile phone/internet access, day trips/treats If you don't already have sturdy working boots and a sleeping bag it is also advisable to purchase these (though many farmers may have proper beds and linen for you..).
How long have you got? It's up to you to negotiate with your host on this.
There is no maximum age. In fact many hosts prefer more mature WWOOFers who have specific skills.
Yes it is possible but may take a bit more time to find a farm. We would advise looking for hosts who also have children too. Make sure you discuss how you will manage your time and childcare so that you can honour your part of the exchange. You might want to take child friendly food with you too!
Yes – but each of you must join WWOOF in the country you visit.
Sorry! There is no international WWOOF membership. We are a network of WWOOF nations providing a local, friendly service to our members! The one exception to this is wwoofindependents.org. This group lists hosts in countries where, as yet, there is no national WWOOF group. You can access farms in 60+ countries via this list - but not necessarily the ones you want...
Sorry, we cannot arrange visas. We just post the listings
The checks made on the hosts vary depending on where you WWOOF. Please put this question to the national co-ordinator of WWOOF in the country you are visiting. In general - when arranging to visit a WWOOF host we recommend you take all the precautions you would take when visiting someone you do not know.
It can be difficult to find hosts that exactly suit your needs without knowing which country you want to visit. So you really need to think about which countries might specialise in your preferred activity... then concentrate your search in those countries, by previewing and searching the host list.
Nice try, but no! However if you have an idea on how to promote WWOOF we will always listen. So get imaginative and make us a proposal.
If you are WWOOFing in Ireland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland or Canada personal accident and liability cover is included in your membership fee. Otherwise you will need to make your own arrangements. Make sure your insurer knows that you will be a volunteer on a farm. You will need cover for personal accident and liability, you may also want regular travel insurance if you are going abroad.
WWOOFing exchanges do not allow for money to change hands, but sometimes hosts in poorer countries still ask for money to cover food costs, or other expenses related to your stay. If this happens you must tell the administrators of the organisation. Then, either find a different host, or refuse the request and offer some other way to compensate them. For example you could agree to go to the local market and buy some food or donate clothes, shoes, books or other useful items. Your choice will depend on the circumstances you find yourself in and what the host will agree to.
It is helpful to have some basic words in common with your host, but many of our hosts do not speak English either. In most cases a host will list the languages they speak in their description. Look for someone you have a language in common with. Alternatively - take a phrase book or ensure you can connect with google translate : https://translate.google.co.uk/