WWOOFing in Covid times

It’s been a COVID-19 year, but learning about sustainable agriculture while meeting new people is still possible through the WWOOF network.Indeed day-long volunteering with a local host was possible to keep going even during lockdown and it has been getting more...

WWOOFing in Covid times
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New Year, New Logo

The Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FoWO) is excited to start the new year with the announcement of a new WWOOF logo! The updated logo features a helping hand that serves as the base of a tree and extends upward to form branches. The tree, which represents the...

FoWO News, WWOOF News

WWOOF Video Explainer

This video explainer will help you to understand and join WWOOF. "To share your life with environmentally conscious people, food lovers, future organic farmers, people passionate about sustainable development, open-minded people, or anyone searching for...


Interview with the WWOOF PhD

Elisabeth Kosnik from Austria received a doctor's degree at the University of Wellington (New Zealand) in 2013 for her thesis “WWOOF, Environmentalism and Ecotopia: Alternative Social Practices between Ideal and Reality”. Elisabeth, in your thesis you explore the...


Help WWOOF Togo to plant 5.000 trees

WWOOF Togo will celebrate 5 years anniversary by planting trees but they need a little help. This year WWOOF Togo Association celebrates these 5 years. WWOOF Togo team decided to take an action: In Togo, particularly in area with high agricultural production,...



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