WWOOF Fest in France on 9-10 October

WWOOF France is organizing a very festive weekend to celebrate the 50 years of WWOOF 🎉🌱 On the program: A farmers market, podcasts to discover different initiatives, meetings with agro-ecology authors, workshops to discover new ways of creating and making, WWOOFing...

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By Sue Coppard, founder of WWOOF “It feels amazing, WWOOF at the venerable old age of Fifty! Half a century in October! How it’s grown since its beginnings as a trial weekend for three people, back in October 1971. On a Friday evening three of us took the train...

European Meeting 2016 - Ireland

WWOOFing in Covid times

It’s been a COVID-19 year, but learning about sustainable agriculture while meeting new people is still possible through the WWOOF network.Indeed day-long volunteering with a local host was possible to keep going even during lockdown and it has been getting more...

WWOOFing in Covid times
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#MyWWOOFStory Photo & Video Contest in the USA

WWOOF USA invites all current WWOOFers and hosts to take part in the #MyWWOOFStory Photo & Video Contest to share their WWOOF experience and inspire others to go WWOOFing. The contest is open now! Submission deadline is October 31, 2020. The winners will be...

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Happy birthday WWOOF Italy!

In 20 years WWOOF Italia has created an active network of farmers dedicated to natural agriculture. Both hosts and #WWOOFers have given light and colour to a network of relationships that is filled with meaning and continues to grow....

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New Year, New Logo

The Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FoWO) is excited to start the new year with the announcement of a new WWOOF logo! The updated logo features a helping hand that serves as the base of a tree and extends upward to form branches. The tree, which represents the...

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