WWOOF has been around for over 50 years, and in that time the separate national WWOOF organizations have developed a diversity of structures and approaches. In recent years, WWOOF groups decided to work more closely together in order to unify and move forward the movement.  These discussions began in 2000 in the UK, at the first ever WWOOF international meeting, before becoming more serious at a second event, in San Francisco in 2012.

Since that time, WWOOF groups have sought to meet at least every four years to cooperate more closely in order to strengthen the community and to protect the core values of this movement. These meetings have led to the creation of the Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO), an umbrella organization made up of more than 30 national WWOOF groups, with the aim to protect and promote the WWOOF movement wordwide.

The most recent meeting took place between September 14 and 18 in Canada near Montreal, at WWOOF Host Terra Perma, an eco-center with straw bale houses, yurts and wooden cabins, scattered in a majestic forest on the shore of a small lake… A colorful group of people, arrived from all parts of the world, to bring their identities that build the great kaleidoscope that is the WWOOF community… More than 40 participants who represented as many as 20 countries.

This meeting saw discussions on a number of topics, including conceptual subjects like the host application criteria and the WWOOF Mission Statement, and technical subjects, such improving the review system and a proposal for an international membership. The FoWO has a large presence at the event and a number of FoWO Committees also presented, such as the PR committee, Finance committee, and IT committee.

While no big decisions were made, the meeting confirmed without a doubt that a diverse but unified WWOOF community is stronger than ever, and that even brighter days are ahead.