It’s been over a year now since WWOOF UK was gifted this amazing film 🎥⁠

“This documentary was a labour of love made while I traveled the UK from farm to farm, volunteering as a WWOOFer while documenting the work, land, people and stories around me.⁠

Simply put by Rosa at Lanes Organic Farm, “we all eat, which means there’s a lot of people producing food for us to eat”. My ultimate goal with this project is not just to introduce you to those people but more importantly open up the conversation around food in a more normalized and personal way.⁠

If you actually make the first steps by familiarizing yourself with the process rather than the problem surrounding how we eat, there can be a motivation to change that goes beyond quilt and paralyzation.⁠

So whether this makes you WWOOF for a month, a weekend or simply have a chat at your farmers market I hope you will make an effort to ask those important questions about how something gets on your plate.”⁠

by filmmaker Kate Colenbrander @katecolenbrander

What a joy and inspiration this was to watch 🌱 To view the full length film:⁠