Brazil has its own locally managed platform as of April 4th 2024

🌱 For those who don’t know yet, the WWOOF movement in Brazil has been, since 2018, managed by WWOOF Independents, the international organization bringing together more than 80 countries that, for different reasons, do not organize locally and/or don’t have a national association. Brazil was one of these countries up until now!

Berkay Atik

WWOOF Independents Coordinator

In April/2024, Berkay Atik – current coordinator of WWOOF Independents – finally passes the πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazilian baton πŸ‡§πŸ‡· to Isa de Oliveira, who has been the WWOOF Ambassador in Brazil since 2021 and now fully undertakes the coordination of activities in the country!

Isa de Oliveira

WWOOF Brasil Coordinator (as of 4th.April!!🀩)

Basil Black, FoWO’s coordinator, highlights the importance of this step towards the autonomy of the movement in Brazil. WWOOF is already locally managed in other countries, such as Chile, Canada, the United States or France, for example.

These countries have their local projects (such as farm joint efforts, promotional campaigns and participation in national events) and also continue to collaborate with the global movement, counting on international promotion in a mutually beneficial partnership with FoWO.

Brazil is now joining this network, and all members – either Hosts in Brazilian territory or WWOOFers visiting these Hosts – can only benefit from this.

The new WWOOF Brasil platform was launched on April 4th under 

Come visit us!

Hosts already registered in Brazil will have their full profile migrated to on the 4th of April. Information, pictures and messages will be exactly the same as it was on the WWOOF Independents platform before Apr.4th, and will be ready to be retrieved, viewed and continued on the new platform as of the migration date. 

WWOOFers with an active profile on WWOOF Independents will get, automatically and free of charge, an additional subscription to WWOOF Brasil, with the same validity as in the β€˜Independents’ platform. Reviews, photos and all information on the profile page are global, and possible to be viewed and edited both when logging in through WWOOF Independents and WWOOF Brasil (or any other national platform where they have an active profile). However, messages with Hosts in Brazil will only be viewed, started or continued through the WWOOF Brasil platform

Our team is already following up with all WWOOF members hosting or WWOOFing in Brazil, and is available for questions, requests and further information at