Are you looking to experience the beauty of living on a farm in springtime? Well, there’s still time to embrace the upcoming season (for all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere that is)! WWOOF Hosts around the globe are eager to open their homes to WWOOFers, exchanging knowledge of organic farming and sustainable living with one another. Follow these four steps to plan a memorable springtime adventure.

  1. Choose your Country, then Dive Into the Host Directory 🌷 First, explore destinations on Once you’ve chosen where you will go, explore that country’s host map. The map acts as the ultimate tool for discovering farms wherever you want to WWOOF. As you zoom in, farms will come into view. Click on the farm’s pinpoint to explore the host’s profile page, where you can view photos, read WWOOFer reviews, and discover more about the opportunities the host offers!
  2. Take Part in Seasonal Activities 🌼 Spring is a time of renewal and growth. WWOOF farms offer a wide variety of activities, especially in the spring. This includes things like planting and tending to new crops, seed education in Norway, flower picking in Sweden, caring for baby animals such as lambs in Canada, or participating in spring harvests in TΓΌrkiye! Engage in a variety of hands-on activities that celebrate the season’s vibrancy!
  3. Search Your Preferred Visit Dates πŸ“… Whether you’re looking for a week-long stay or just a day or weekend experience, we’ve got you covered. Use the ‘Visit Dates’ filter in the host directory to easily find hosts offering shorter-term opportunities, allowing you to customize your adventure to fit your schedule. The length of your stay is entirely up to you!
  4. Send a Visit Request – and Pack Your Bags! πŸ’Œ Once you’ve identified a potential host, send them a visit request through the website. Click the ‘Send Request’ button on their page and select your desired visit dates. Share your interests, motivations, and what you hope to experience during your visit – hosts appreciate hearing why you’re interested in their farm! Need more help writing your request? Check out this article by WWOOF Sweden on how to communicate with potential hosts πŸ‘€

Questions? We’re always here to help! Contact your country’s coordinator via their website for more advice. Or join us for a LIVE & free webinar here. You can also view recommended, Featured Hosts at the bottom of the homepage.

We hope to see you on the farm this spring! 🌱